Our home care nurse is more than a health care professional – she’s become a part of our family. We simply cannot imagine how we would get along without her! Iowa Home Care provides reliable staff who not only care about giving the highest care possible to their client, but also who care about the client’s family. It is not always an easy task to care for a relative with unique medical needs, and our nurse from Iowa Home Care has done a phenomenal job in assisting our family with his care. Meghan Malloy, Mother of Pediatric Client
Clive, IA

When it came to bringing our daughter home, we struggled seeing the light at the end of the tunnel … it was heart breaking. It was so hard watching the life of our beautiful child being spent in a facility. Things started to brighten when we found Iowa Home Care. From our first meeting, we were impressed with their professionalism and confidence they would be able to get our daughter home with nurses that were qualified to meet her needs… Throughout the process, they kept in close contact with us and we were impressed every time with how well Iowa Home Care was able to deliver quality. (We) are incredibly pleased with the outcome! Iowa Home Care was an integral part of finally making our dream happen. We were finally able to have what we had been waiting so long for....a family at HOME! Thanks to the dedication of the pediatric team at Iowa Home Care! Dana A, Mother of pediatric client

Pediatric Care

If your child has special medical needs you know how challenging life can be; at times it’s overwhelming. At Iowa Home Care some of the most fragile and vulnerable clients we serve are infants and children.  We want the child, and their family, to enjoy the comforts of home.

Our Nurses work one-on-one with the child in his or her home, up to 24 hours per day. In addition to other services and types of care, they monitor respiratory, cardiovascular, GI, GU, neurological and integumentary systems. We partner with the physicians and families to provide holistic care, which improves the medical results and allows the family to lead a more natural and balanced life.

Iowa Home Care